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Crypto-malware in Adobe Flash Player Updates found

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The cyber security company Palo Alto Networks has revealed in his latest Blog Post that there are some crypto has currency discovered Malware hidden in a fake Adobe Flash Player Update.

The American multinational cyber security company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, revealed in his latest blog post that more of the fake Flash-were discovered Updates during their work and research than ever before.

Using pop-up notifications on the official Adobe installer is infected with this Malware to the user’s PC if it is running. The Malware can also update the Flash Player from the system to the latest Version, which makes the attack with the Installation of crypto-Malware such as the XMRig crypto currency miner less obvious. The Malware is running in the Background of an operating system, once it is embedded, to mine the crypto-currency. The anti-virus protection of the user can not identify the Malware sometimes, but most of the time.

Features for crypto-currency mining Malware, which works silently in the Background, are, for example, sudden high Stress on the resources of the system, or the processor seems to run constantly. Malware can be identified in Windows Task Manager as an unusual program, the large amounts of system resources.


Palo Alto Networks discovered the Adobe Cloud-based web servers belonging to hackers or that you have been used to disseminate exe-Files with the prefix “Adobe flash player”. They had found since March 2018, an increase of these events, reached in September of this year at its peak. As a Palo Alto tested one of the identified fake Updates, they found out that the Mining Malware of the Cryptocurrency Monero mined, the Token, due to their anonymous nature, as privacy is a common target for attackers.

Of the McAfee Labs published the threat report for September 2018 showed that new cases of Malware were in the year 2018, although less frequently, however, the total occurrences increases to Malware. Since 2016, the reports of Malware is constantly increasing.

How can you protect you?

The cyber security company, came to the conclusion that the more knowledgeable PC users or those that run antivirus and system protection, much less likely to be attacked. A regular update of the system and the anti-virus program increases the likelihood that Malware will be detected either before or after the Installation.

If your System suddenly slows down, or more resources than otherwise consumed, must be carried out and a Review before a mining attack can be excluded. Users should check the origin and the file name, if you are running pop-up Updates to ensure proper Installation.

Cryptocurrency Mining Malware is a relatively less dangerous type of Malware, and will usually reward used by hackers in crypto-currency. A more vicious Malware like combo Jack and other Hacks, the the rest to spy on a clipboard instead of on a user’s system, until they are crypto-currency Wallet addresses in the clipboard of the operating system. The Malware then replaces the Wallet address of the user by the hacker if the user tries to the Wallet address in a Wallet, or for a Transfer. Unwary victim can be transferred at the end of cryptocurrency funds directly to hackers.

The cyber security firm Carbon Black warned recently that in the first half of this year to 2018, $ 1.1 billion of crypto-currency investors have been stolen – by Malware attacks.

Fake Fortnite Cheat Hidden Crypto-Malware

In previous Reports we have shown that faking a Cheat for the popular Online role-playing game Fortnite is a Malware designed to steal according to Malwarebytes Labs, the credentials for Bitcoin Wallets. The Malware first appeared on the 2. October 2018 in the case of studies of the Californian cyber security firm. On the track, you came to the Malware by one of the many doubts YouTube Videos, tracked, and ultimately lead to a “small piece of data stealing Malware that is masquerading as a Cheat Tool”, it says.

The YouTube account where the Video was released, according to the report, more than 700 subscribers, while the Video has been viewed over 2200. The Malware is spread via a in the description of the video posted a Link that leads the visitor / potential victim after Clicking to a page that prompts him, for the YouTube account, after which he asked the fake Tool will download it.

Malwarebytes wrote: “as for the malicious file, so goods can be made at the time of writing 1.207 Downloads. The are 1.207 Downloads too much.“

The Team discovered that the Malware was designed to extract data from the computers of the users, ranging from Browser-Autocomplete-Text to Steam sessions, and, finally, the injustice of sending moderate information received to an IP address, which was followed in the Russian Federation. The Malware also searches for data associated with Bitcoin Wallets, in which they are preferably data in connection with the Electrum Wallet. The company warns that “the combination of this with the current fever for new content for Fortnite is a guarantee for the stolen data. The computer is infected until much clean-up work is required“.

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