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Coinbase, a Scalar, and the 0x-Listing – a setup?

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To the Listing of the ZRX-Token to the crypto-exchange Coinbase right? A Search of TheBlock has placed human entanglements between the Teams of Coinbase, the Investvemnt company Scalar Capital and the 0x-platform open

As the Bitcoin exchange Coinbase on 11. October ZRX, the Token 0x Protocol, in the range from Coinbase Pro recorded, responded to the ZRX course with a respectable increase of 30 percent. 16. October, the Listing on Coinbase promoted the ZRX on the brand of a US Dollar. But behind the Listing of a setup? In the case of searches of TheBlock, certain suspicions have arisen that suggest a potential influence of an investment company by the name of Scalar Capital on the ZRX-Listing.

Possible influence on Listing rules

Scalar Capital is an investment company that specializes in the crypto sector. Co-founder of the company, Linda Xie, is a former product Manager at Coinbase. In addition, Xie is a member of the consultant staff of the 0x-project. As a Scalar-Boss Xie was apparently also in the crypto-exchange in an Advisory capacity. In the guidelines for the listing of Assets on Coinbase Per the crypto-stock exchange would like to thank the two Scalar-founders Xie and Jordan Clifford. It is unclear, however, how big Xies influence on the development of the framework really was.

Also unclear is the binding nature of the guidelines. So it is already on the first page:

“We reserve the absolute discretion, of the Assets to trade in the GDAX [Coinbae Pro] list, not to list or sell, regardless of how the criteria apply in this context to the Asset.”

Binding or non – scalability, and Governance are two key points in the Listing rules from Coinbase. In an Interview in September 2017 Xie called the 0x-Protocol as an example of a project that is pursuing the correct approaches to Governance and Skalierbakeit.

Coinbase programmer advises Scalar

The entanglements between Scalar, Coinbase and 0x, however, go over the personnel Xie. Maksim Stepanenko works as a programmer for crypto-exchange. He was also involved in the development of the Listing rules. Stepanenko acted also as a consultant of Scalar Capital – a reference, the remote Stepanenko since the publication of the TheBlock article from his Twitter profile. However, the indication is still to be found in the Google preview:

Charles Whitehead, a law Professor at the elite University of Cornell, moved on TheBlock the comparison with the traditional stock exchange business:

“If I would like to advise an employee of the New York Stock Exchange am, and Goldman Sachs, the NYSE due to the appearance of a conflict of problems.”

Circumstantial evidence, no evidence

The Scalar-founder Xie and Clifford have definitely benefited from the Listing of the 0x-Tokens – both are already in the Token Sale of the 15. August 2017 in the XRZ invested. Then XRZ-rate: 0,048 US Dollar. In addition, Xie with the 0x-founder and CEO Wants to be Warren is in a relationship.

Also Stepanenkos attempt to disguise his activity in the case of Scalar retroactively, enhanced moments, the suspicion that there might have been in the 0x-Listing agreements zzwsichen Coinbase and Scalar. Finally, Scalar investors, promised in a presentation of “asymmetric information”.

Nevertheless, circumstantial evidence and no evidence. Coinbase however, it would be well to make the Listing process more transparent in future and to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest – and be it only for the credibility of the crypto industry.

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