CDU and SPD get hits in Hessen

f36ab33b8864206912ee4b29e2ee49c1 - CDU and SPD get hits in Hessen

WIESBADEN, germany – The christian democratic CDU and the social democratic SPD seem heavy blows to get the deelstaatverkiezing in Hessen. From exitpolls of German media shows that the CDU is likely to be back the largest party will be, but significantly shrinks in comparison to the previous election.

The CDU of prime minister Volker Bouffier of Hessen is likely to remain the largest party.

The CDU seems, according to the first projections 27 or 28 percent of the votes. That is a significantly worse result than in 2013, when over 38 percent of the voters the democrats supported. The SPD received in the previous election is still 30.7 percent of the votes, but now seems to come out at more than 20 percent.

The CDU of chancellor Angela Merkel and the SPD working country together in the so-called Grand Coalition (GroKo). A defeat in Hesse could this cooperation be put under pressure. The big winners are, according to the exitpolls the Greens and the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), which grow very strong.

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