Brazilian polling stations open for the most polarized vote in decades

20ab94f68aca37491ea952849b6ae357 - Brazilian polling stations open for the most polarized vote in decades

The Brazilians choose Sunday for a new president. The choice is clear: choose them for a continuation of the leftist policies or they go for the extreme-right. In the polls is the right-populist candidate Jair Bolsonaro already were firmly on the head.

The ex-military Bolsonaro would, according to a Saturday carried out a poll by Datafolha on 55 percent of the votes come in. His competitor from the left-wing workers ‘ Party, Fernando Haddad, would be 45 percent.

Bolsonaro polarized with insults about minorities, women, homosexuals, and blacks, and with his sympathy for the military dictatorship, until 1985, Brazil prevailed. But to win votes, he has his discourse, the youngest time what moderate.

Haddad, in contrast, suffers from the poor image of the workers Party in Brazil, which is called in a number of smeergeldschandalen. Many voters, the corruption and the violence fed up and want change.

The Brazilian ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva made last Wednesday from prison, a call to the democrats in his country to unite against a “fascist adventure” in Brazil. Haddad, the ‘poulain’ of Lula, had Tuesday all to know that he will fight to the end ‘in order to avoid fascism can establish in Brazil.

Lula, the former head of state (2003-2010), is since april in the prison of Curitiba where he is, a sentence sentence of twelve years and one month for corruption and money laundering.

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