Blind: ’Frenkie better protect’

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Frenkie de Jong by Steven Berghuis destroyed

“I think you’re a player as Frenkie de Jong as a referee need to better protect”, continued Blind. “After that violation of Toornstra after two minutes, I was happy that the only Frenkie was still. And the referee also had a couple of times a yellow card for an infringement on Frenkie. I take it that it was not the intention of the Team. But a serious infringement is a serious infringement”

On the advice of his videoscheidsrechter gave Björn Kuipers already after five minutes, a red card to Jeremiah St. Juste for a filthy offense Nicolás Tagliafico. “After that it was pretty easy for us,” said Blind. “I found that we also not well played. We were very careless. But 3-0 is 3-0. That is a good result.”

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