Bijlow on goal Ajax: “I had the ball’

32c8c23d0ddfe218a22a4c82e6ae9dd9 - Bijlow on goal Ajax: "I had the ball’

Justin Bijlow go with the ball and all over the line.

Bijlow claims that striker Kasper Dolberg him so hard hit that to prevent a goal was inevitable.

“The ball should never cross my legs. It begins with,” says Bijlow to FOX Sports. “I felt then that my arm forward. I also have some of the images seen. I had the ball, according to my fixed. If the VAR for that is, had the whistle should be.”

The 20-year-old Bijlow was not from the field beaten. “I returned to myself after that goal pretty soon. That should be also. Otherwise do you remain in it hang, then the following two balls in.”

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