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Antwerp win at Waasland-Beveren and jumps to place three

82b4fa82e530e2144cd3f44a41930e0e - Antwerp win at Waasland-Beveren and jumps to place three

‘We are going to Europe.’ For the fans of Antwerp, it is already a foregone conclusion. After the victory on the field of Waasland-Beveren throws the Great Old over Anderlecht to the third place.

If he already wereldgoals, which Faris Haroun. In the newspaper of last Saturday have you read an article about the ” revival of Refaelov’. But what to say of the ‘revival of Haroun’. The allitereert maybe not, but the story is even more remarkable. In 2014 was his career completely in the doldrums. After a difficult period at Blackpool in England was the top talent of yesteryear even a few months without a club. He signed for the Club, relegated with that team to the second-class and many thought that he would never return to the highest level. But last season showed the captain of Antwerp all its value. With the meters that he was, the balls that he recupereerde and the role he played in the dressing room. And this season he is only getting stronger. He now plays in a slightly different role, as a real box-to-box midfielder. Or no, a scoring box-to-box midfielder. The league is twelve games away and Faris Haroun is with five goals medetopschutter of Antwerp. And while his previous four matches each intikkertjes were, he picked up now with a clever shot distance, where Aft is not a story at had.

Goal falls from the sky

The goal of Haroun came, however, what out of the blue. Antwerp had a preponderance, but Waasland-Beveren weerde well. It is no coincidence that the team is already seven times gelijkspeelde this season. Their game is simple to summarize: good in the organization, this mark on the counter, but the front does not remain powerful enough. With Apostollos Vellios as the exponent of that offensive immaturity. The former Greek international kicked off in injury time and don’t miss the chance on an empty goal. But for the rest he was already a few possibilities. After a one-two punch of Ampomah was Juklerod the furniture save and Vellios shot is too weak in a following counter-attack. What a good game is also not that good was that, due to the many violations of Waasland-Beveren the game too often lay still.

Last week, played Antwerp a much better contest, but when Laszlo Bölöni is hard about the many missed opportunities. Therefore he preferred this time Jonathan Bolingi above William Owusu in the base. However, it was the last match of the Congolese in the field of Eupen is not really to about to home to writing. With zero goals in the first eleven races had the spits also not much to demand. But a new chance at the Freethiel. And Bolingi also got the best opportunities to score for peace of mind. A header by deck-house caught, and the revival was Aft again in the way for Van Damme.

Key Refaelov

The home team was short on, but the key lay with Lior Refaelov. If the Israeli have a bit of room got, could Antwerp be dangerous. On the half hour he played Bolingi a nice free in the sixteen, but the striker dawdled too long and decided to weak. His action proved a great lack of self-confidence. Typical for an attacker who is already dry state. Refaelov was however also a great chance to score, but when he took a cross from Buta on the volley wanted to take, he kicked it next to the ball.

Also after the rest remained the spelbeeld the same. Light preponderance for Antwerp, but without great opportunities. And Waasland-Beveren patiently waited on the omschakelingsmomenten. To that goal by Faris Haroun suddenly from the sky came cases. It proved to be enough for the three points, already got Waasland-Beveren in the slot even two good opportunities. First kicked Jur Schryvers in addition to, afterwards, shot Vellios incomprehensible.

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