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Anderlecht back in Eupen

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Anderlecht has no extension to knit to his six on six in the league. After the disappointing 2-2-draw against Fenerbahçe in the Europa League was followed on the field of Eupen a new blow. Purple and white went 2-1 down after a weak first half.

The contest had not yet begun, or the first setback for Anderlecht was already a fact. Zakaria Bakkali, Thursday still excel in the Europa League, had ill default. Also Landry Dimata was not yet fit. Knowledge Musona and Ivan Santini got a chance in the base. The Pandas were the expected names between the lines. Lazare came into the team for Mulumba. Also Milicevic and Ocansey started on the bench. The Japanese, Toyokawa started in the forefront with Fall and Keita in support.

After a balanced beginning surprised Luis Garcia friend and enemy by a free kick from 45 metres, directly on goal kicks. Everyone had a ball expect… also Anderlecht-goalkeeper Thomas Didillon, that is too far out of his goal and the ball, to his great relief on the pole saw burst. It was a bright spot in a chaotic initial phase, with a lot of waste on both sides.

37-year-old Luis Garcia is a scapegoat for Anderlecht

The Spanish midfielder of Eupen his luck again ventured, halfway through the first half. This time much closer to the goal. Sebastian Bornauw accounted for the deviation that Didillon the check gave: 1-0. And barely a few minutes later was that dekselse Luis Garcia there again. The 37-year-old midfielder kicked from the edge of the sixteen to the closest corner. Again, the pole and the head of Didillon stood in the road to Eupen.

The hovel was, however, set fire to the Kehrweg and the home team realized that more was possible. Anderlecht was suddenly completely overflowing. Didillon had a great rescue in your home to a new attempt of who else than Luis Garcia, but Yuta Toyokawa was well followed and pushed simple the 2-0 within.

Double bill with the rest delivers on

To the rest handle the Anderlecht-coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck in: Adrien Trebel and Sebastian Bornauw had off, Evgeniy Makarenko and Kenny Saief came in the team. With the hoped-for effect: the Belgian recordkampioen pushed Eupen backwards. A shot of Francis Amuzu sailed but just next to it. A few minutes later, Musona inserted within the sixteen, but this time they brought the pole rescue for the home team. Then on a corner kick: Bubacarr Sanneh jumped the highest and headed home a hard bargain between the posts, Hendrik Van Crombrugge had a great save in the house.

Anderlecht looked like his best gunpowder faded to have when Ivan Santini’s still more than ten minutes to go, the flame in the pan and drove. The Croatian nodded untenable the 2-1 on a cross from Saïef – for Santini’s already his ninth goal of the season. The Inhabitants, penetrated and got through Mohammed Dauda is still a good chance, but the second half was no more. Therefore, let Anderlecht the chance to after the loss of points from Racing Genk and Club Brugge in the competition.

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