Yolanda Hadid is worried about social media

7ec13253f10095834b61d9c6e1f1aec8 - Yolanda Hadid is worried about social media

“Our family currently has four straatverboden running against mad men that my children send private messages. “I’m your mother, kill so that I become closer to you.” How strong my kids are, that ráákt them.” Yolanda also warns that what is mostly on social media to see is, an ideal image is. “Personally, I post also pictures on the five days a week that I myself have to inject, or if I was completely without make-up am”, says the Dutch, who had for years been struggling with Lyme disease.

“What else you on Instagram can see, it is usually far removed from real life. However, mirroring young people who have perfect pictures, so that more young people become unhappy and commit suicide. I find that very worrisome.” Yolanda realizes that young people are also mirrored by her daughters and son, all three successfully as a model. “All my children there is nothing to do that they are born. And they realize very well that followers see them as role models.”

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