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Stoffel Vandoorne is cautiously positive: “We have a chance to win points”

e57be2e874de1aaf825a043abf69dafc - Stoffel Vandoorne is cautiously positive: "We have a chance to win points"

With a sixteenth and fifteenth time during the practice sessions on Friday was in Mexico a better start to the race weekend than the previous races for Stoffel Vandoorne.

“It was a reasonable Friday,” begins Vandoorne are looking back at the vrijdagsessies. “I think everyone today a lot of attention to the tires. It was for us today important to the job and the long runs to practice. We have mutual on both cars, the different bandensoorten distributed to the bandendegradatie to go after. I think that everyone today there are some problems with it encountered.”

“The track is very slippery at the beginning and at the end it seriously so we’ll see how it goes. For us, it would be good if it is on Sunday, so that makes the race more exciting.”

For the time being, however, difficult to estimate how the relationships between the teams are and where McLaren and Stoffel Vandoorne in the pecking order.

“It is difficult to say where we are as everyone is very close together,” said Vandoorne. “The Red Bulls are clearly for the rest but behind it is all very close. If we still have some performance to find the to look good for us. The most important will be the bandenmanagement. That will be our biggest chance of points.”

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