Sien Eggers leaves Dancing With The Stars

90373abb6d9bf28bb9006428c2b0a6fa - Sien Eggers leaves Dancing With The Stars

The first eliminator of Dancing With The Stars is well known: Sien Eggers. For the oldest participant of the race is the adventure already after 2 episodes. During the tango on the song ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Escala continued to the members of the jury what on their hunger sit. Also the viewers could turn the tide does not do more times. Sien and her partner Rob bengelden already at the bottom of the standings last week with only 15 points from the jury. That earned them the second-to-last place, just above Elodie Ouedraogo, who was silenced by a crack on her lower rechterrib.

Sien Eggers: “It was a great experience. I have found myself challenged and I have my old body back in order to draw (laughs). I’m going to certainly still continue to dance!”

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