Sandra Bekkari suffer from strange complexes

Sandra Bekkari suffer from strange complexes

Sandra Bekkari stands for a busy period. We see her every working day in the “Open Kitchen” on tv, she has her own voedingsadviesbureau Sana and of course there are a lot of book-signings at the book Fair on the schedule where her latest book “no more diets, part 5” no doubt for long rows. But Sandra Bekkari also suffers to some special complexes…

For her latest book took Sandra Bekkari the skin as the theme. And immediately takes them out with a striking statement: “A beautiful skin line you’re not in the bathroom but in the kitchen.” Sandra Bekkari admits that they are also creams lubricates – and there is nothing wrong with that – but the skin and nourish you from the inside out, she says in het Nieuwsblad. The medical science picks up the problem completely wrong. Recent studies indicate that a varied and healthy diet the most important step to a healthy skin, says Sandra Bekkari.

But nevertheless, Sandra Bekkari complexes about her body. So she has a complex about her ears, which she always behind her long hair will clog. No one sees anything strange about her ears, but Sandra wrestles with it. Just as with her nose. “I have a crooked nose,” indicates Sandra Bekkari for the first time. And that is due to a fall at horse riding when she was a child. But Sandra Bekkari look at the positive: “Imperfection is beauty, surely?”

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