Rome says ‘basta’ to decline of the city

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Garbage, holes in the roads, chaos in public transport. In Rome thousands of people against the decline of the city is demonstrated.

Under the motto ‘Roma dice basta’ (Rome says basta) attracted the inhabitants of Rome Saturday of the Capitoline hill to the town hall by mayor Virginia Raggi.

The politician of the Vijfsterrenbeweging since its gain is very controversial, because they are the problems of the Italian capital, but not in its grip. ‘Raggi, a well will you swallow’, was there on banners written. Or ” Basta, la grande monnezza’ (Basta, with the amount of waste) – an allusion to the Oscar winning Roman film ‘La Grande Bellezza – The great beauty’. Many protesters want the mayor to blow.

The protest was organized by six women who express their displeasure about the state of the Italian capital publicity would give. Recently, it was ailing transport system of Rome international in the spotlight, because an escalator fully occupied with football supporters in a subway station on the hollow struck. Dozens of people were thereby injured.

Moreover, it should Raggi is for the court to justify, because they are false statements would be made. The judgment on 10 november expected. If she is found guilty, will the call for her resignation will only get louder.

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