Obama gets (re -) heavy to president Trump

4825771d82ea937f15b2f86774b667ca - Obama gets (re -) heavy to president Trump

The former U.s. president Barack Obama Friday, on a verkiezingsmeeting in Milwaukee as a result of the legislative elections of november, heavy out to his successor. Although without the name of Donald Trump to name a few. Obama accused the current president of false promises.

Obama referred to the intention of Trump before the midterms of november 6, a tax cut for the middle class to Congress. “But that Congress is not coming together. He has simply invented’, said the ex-president.

He denounced also the many scandals in the Trump administration. “There are plenty of people accused to have a football team to fill,” she said. “In my cabinet there was no one in the accused’.

Obama’s tribute is a long time in silence over his successor, but with the midterm elections looming, the venture he yet again on the political scene. So accused him at the beginning of september once the abuse of power. Friday fell he to Wisconsin down to show his support to the Democratic candidates, including senator Tammy Baldwin.

In the polls are the Democrats on the head for what the U.s. House of Representatives, but these surveys proved in the past often unreliable.

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