More than 3,000 activists block tracks at bruinkoolmijnwinning in Germany

9a7447ca644341c36c4c8924b8a340a4 - More than 3,000 activists block tracks at bruinkoolmijnwinning in Germany

More than 3,000 activists, in which a 200-many Belgians, have Saturday, the spurs stormed that will be used for transport to the controversial lignite mine of Hambach, in the west of Germany. According to Laure Kervy, a French-speaking spokesperson of the action, will be two thousand other environmental activists by the police blocked at the edge of the site. With the large-scale action of civil disobedience, the participants call for an immediate withdrawal from the koolwinning and klimaatrechtvaardigheid’.

The lignite mine is located in the Forest of Hambach, where large pieces of historic forest with protected species and ancient trees were felled to field of lignite mining. The deforestation led to frequent protests.

The German anti-mijnbouwactivisten of “Ende Gelände” Saturday the support of just about two hundred Belgian campaigners. “Global warming knows no boundaries and the mine is one of the biggest CO2 emitters in Europe. It is therefore important that the Belgians join the action because it matters to all of us, ” explains Laure Kervy.

The German police confirm the blockage of the tracks, but gives no figures on the number of participants.

Eight environmental activists managed to get on the mijngraafmachine to climb. Thirty activists knew the access to the mijngraver to block, so message the German press agency DPA.

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