Leaders seek political solution to Syria

3c01410d0b0c0c74569d3d0b577bec86 - Leaders seek political solution to Syria

ISTANBUL – The leaders of Russia, Turkey, France and Germany in Istanbul gathered to discuss the future of Syria. They want the peace process again on the attract. A commission that work will need to create a new constitution for the country, according to a joint statement before the end of the year to go to work in Geneva.

Putin, Merkel, Erdogan, and Macron are holding hands for their cooperation.

The civil war in Syria seems after seven years decided to be in favor of the Assad regime. Insurgents fighting against the government, have only in and around Idlib are still a large stronghold. Also Syrian Kurds have still a considerable part of the country in the hands, but not fighting actively against the government forces.

It was the first time that the four leaders in this assembly gathered about the conflict in Syria. The future of the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and his regime does not seem to be have come. According to the Russian president Vladimir Putin is not talking about “personalities.”

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