Kristen Stewart as a ‘Personal Shopper’, now in the Movies & Series Pass!

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A bold spookthriller of the French director Olivier Assayas with a starring role for Kristen Stewart. Chills in Paris, and in the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.

In Personal Shopper you will follow the life of the year American Maureen, who lives in Paris. During the day she works as a – yes – personal shopper for the famous Kyra. Her task: a flashy wardrobe to create for the unbearable diva. For some it might be a glamorous dream job, but not for Maureen, who is himself very discreetly through the life sneaks.

Happy is Maureen. She suffers very much under the loss of her twin brother, Lewis, who a few months earlier in Paris, died of a heart disease. Before his death, spoke to the two that he made her a sign would give of his presence. When one day she strange to receive messages from an unknown number, she is convinced that her brother is there something to do with it.

Personal Shopper is the second collaboration between Twilightactress Kristen Stewart and director Olivier Assayas. Her role in Assayas’ Clouds of Sils Maria gave Stewart a lot of favorable comments, and even the Cesar for best actress in a supporting role. In Personal Shopper shines the actress again.

This film was in Cannes, was nominated for a Golden Palm and clinched the prize for best director at the road. Expect a bold thriller with supernatural elements and associated cold chills. An ideal film for those who like to shudder and shiver on a cold autumn evening.

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