Israeli air force bombards eighty targets in Gaza strip

dfff391e80a9560dbaf3fcc96e5d06c6 - Israeli air force bombards eighty targets in Gaza strip

The conflict between Israel and the islamist movement Hamas, the Gaza strip, controls, is again dangerously escalated. Missiles of militant Palestinians were answered with bombing of the Israeli air force.

After a violent protest on the border between Gaza and Israel, shots of Israeli soldiers Friday, four Palestinians dead. Militant Palestinians fired therein in a total of thirty missiles on Israeli targets, in which the Israeli air force over again in the course of Friday night, some eighty goals in the hermetically sealed coastal area targeted.

The violence feeds concerns about a new war. The military wings of various Palestinian groups, including Hamas, stated Friday in a joint position willing to be a war. Egypt is currently trying an agreement on a truce between Israel and Hamas to a close.

Saturday morning fired militant Palestinians re a rocket toward Israel. Just as ten previously fired projectiles were rockets intercepted by the defense system Iron Dome (Iron Dome), according to the army.

Artisan springtuigen

Friday, according to military sources around the 16,000 Palestinians at various places along the grensafsluiting with Israel come together. Some among them were of artisan springtuigen and stones at the Israeli soldiers thrown. The Israeli air force had during the protests three Hamas post in northern Gaza strip was bombed.

Since the end of march at the partly violent protests at the border with Gaza more than 200 Palestinians have been killed. The demonstrators demand the removal of the more than decade-long blockade of the Gaza strip and a return of Palestinian refugees to the territories, which today in Israel.

In the hermetically-sealed Gaza strip live more than two million people. There is barely electricity and potable water, most of the inhabitants are unemployed. The Gaza strip ruling islamic Hamas movement by Israel, the US and the EU as a terrorist organisation considered.

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