Israel attacked 80 targets in Gaza

2fc51bfe89ccf592ea043674fbaedebf - Israel attacked 80 targets in Gaza

GAZA – Israel has in the night from Friday to Saturday, around eighty targets in the Gaza strip attacked. It reports the Israeli army. The attacks followed a total of thirty missiles that militants Friday from the coastal strip on Israel afvuurden. So far as known, there are no casualties.

The Islamic Jihad, one of the armed groups active in Gaza, said in a statement that it has missiles fired in response to the murder of four Palestinian protesters at the border Friday. Saturday morning fired shots re a rocket at Israel. The projectile was intercepted by the Israeli defense system Iron Dome.

The violence feeds concerns about a new war. The military wings of various Palestinian groups, including Hamas, said Friday in a joint declaration, to be ready for war.


According to military reports gathered Friday at several locations along the border with Gaza, approximately 16,000 Palestinians. Some of them might be explosives and stones at Israeli soldiers have thrown. During the protests was the Israeli air force three Hamas post in northern Gaza strip.

Since the end of march are according to the Palestinian ministry of Health 213 Palestinians have been killed during the partly violent protests at the border with Gaza. The protesters are calling for the lifting of the blockade of Gaza, who for more than ten years, as well as a return of Palestinian refugees to areas now in Israel to hear. So far, one Israeli soldier killed when he was fired by a sniper.

In the Gaza strip is home to more than two million people. There is, among others, lack of drinking water and electricity. The Hamas government in the Gaza strip by the US, the EU and Israel regarded as a terrorist organization.

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