Irish choose to blasphemy from the constitution to scrap

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A majority of the Irish people in a referendum called for the repeal of blasphemy as a criminal offence from the Irish constitution, is evident from exitpolls. About 70 percent of the voters would for the removal of the constitutional article have voted. The final results on Saturday expected.

Blasphemy is still punishable under the Irish constitution, but even the Irish Church, called that clause in the law is largely obsolete. In 2017 had Health minister Simon Harris, the law has been ‘absurd’ and ‘a little embarrassing’.

With the repeal of the constitutional article, to make the Irish people further away with their aartsconservatieve catholic heritage. In may said a majority is already out for the liberalisation of abortion, three years ago, gay marriage was approved. There is also a referendum scheduled in another constitutional article, which stipulates that the place of the woman to the fireplace.

The referendum Friday, for which only a small part of the population opdaagde, coincided with the choice for a new president. A majority (about 58 percent) would have called for a renewal of the mandate of the current president, 77-year-old Michael D. Higgins, as appears from the exitpoll. His reelection was expected. The presidency in Ireland is a rather symbolic function.

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