Heracles remains in Zwolle stuck at 1-1

7ce28b352701d69db414dab18725077e - Heracles remains in Zwolle stuck at 1-1

Mike van Duinen cheers after his 1-1.

The Almeloërs gave the three points in the final road and stand by the tie in points equal with the number 3 Feyenoord (20), that Sunday in Amsterdam against Ajax.

Dalmau open score

Adrian Dalmau brought Heracles after more than a quarter on edge in Zwolle. He tapped in the rebound after a shot from Brandley Kuwas on the bar was reached. Zwolle went into the second half looking to equalize and put extra pressure. A quarter of an hour for time shot Mike van Duinen 1-1.

Darryl Lachman (header on the crossbar) and Zian Fleming could great odds on the win for Zwolle in the final stage, not redeem.

Click here to view the results, and the program in the Eredivisie.

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