Group of elephants electrocuted in India

a53cec8713fbd036a79a7c0f08cd4654 - Group of elephants electrocuted in India

NEW DELHI – Certainly seven wild elephants in India being electrocuted because she came into contact with a low hanging power line. The animals were according to the authorities, presumably in search of food, the message, the newspaper Hindustan Times.

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Residents of the eastern village Kamalanga found the dead animals in the morning. To movies is to see how a crowd has gathered around the carcasses. The dead animals were part of a larger group of thirteen elephants, say officials.

A dierenrechtenactivist says in the newspaper that the authorities have repeatedly pointed to the pipes in the area that represent a danger to elephants. There would be no measures are taken. There are in recent years also repeatedly elephants died when they were hit by trains.

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