Gay Pride Taipei attracts 130.000 people

d5c53925cbbc3b2e7c0fa698b0fc6b8d - Gay Pride Taipei attracts 130.000 people

TAIPEI – More than 130.000 people have Saturday in the streets of the Taiwanese capital of Taipei, the annual Gay Pride parade celebrated. According to the organizers this was the largest number of participants since the first parade on the island sixteen years ago. The parade for the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT) is considered to be the largest in Asia.

Participants called for support for weddings of people of the same sex and promootten participation in the LGBT referenda scheduled for 24 november. In a total of ten referendums the voters in Taiwan under more vote on the same-sex marriage and the liberalization of the curriculum on sexual matters.

In 2017 had the Taiwanese constitutional court, same-sex marriages allowed. By the strong resistance of the conservative opposition there is, however, little progress has been made in the implementation.

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