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Funny owngoals cost the Club points with Sint-Truiden

10d8b5f526dfb575e79537a7ffa5941d - Funny owngoals cost the Club points with Sint-Truiden

The vormdip at Club Brugge can no longer be denied. For the third match in a row, dropped the champion points are. Saturday night got Club Brugge no further than 2-2 on the field of Sint-Truiden. The People earned absolutely a point, but we got the two goals, however, the gift of the blue-black. In the first half pushed goalkeeper Letica the ball just in his own goal. A quarter of an hour before the end it stops Poulain the ball through ploegmakker Zipper against the own nets. Two at nine for the Club, that Sunday is on the second place, overtaken by Anderlecht.

A flaterende Club-goalkeeper Karlo Letica could in the 18th minute, the attempt of Daichi Kamada not terminals, in which the ball to be unhappy about the goal line, bumped, and Blue-Black behind.

A moment later the Club balvoordeel after an error of STVV-goalkeeper Kenny Steppe on Wesley. Hans Vanaken shot high over, which referee Jonathan Lardot after long hesitation, the ball is still on the dot explained. So was the rematch, however, a goal for Vanaken.
The city of Bruges, the engine seemed to be still to get going. Siebe Schrijvers (41.) hit first with his shot to the bottom of the crossbar, but headed home then the cross of Vanaken in goal, which all of a sudden, 1-2. In the second half knew Jonathan Legear with a little luck, a owngoal to enforce at the Club. Benoit Poulain was the first move of the flankspeler way to work and touched it to his team mate Mats Zipper. On a more awkward manner disappeared the ball into his own goal. Ruud Molder saw a free-kick burst onto the cover strip.
By the loss of points of the first pursuer Club Brugge (27 points) can the leader Genk (29 points) on Sunday on a visit to Standard ahead get even further ahead. Sint-Truiden is currently on 7th position. The Truienaars got 18 points from 12 matches.

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