Fiance Khashoggi refuses to Trump: intentions are not pure

ad72bc587404b67c89dbb3478a5d1872 - Fiance Khashoggi refuses to Trump: intentions are not pure

ISTANBUL – Hatice Cengiz, the fiancé of the murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, has text and explanation of its refusal to in the White House be received by Donald Trump. Cengiz says that the president just beautiful ornamental wanted to make.

Since the death of Khashoggi, world leaders have the murder loathed, but while almost no-one hard terms feel, is different from the show. European leaders are firmer, while Trump is remarkably low, especially for the crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman. That was may not be aware, stressed the president.

Cengiz takes the president for pardon. She does not want to stop at Trump because ’that invitation felt like attempt to bring public opinion to his advantage to influence’, says Cengiz in an emotional tv interview.

The fiance will only visit the White House if the US is sincere in the pursuit of the murder of Khashoggi to fix, and to demand that those responsible be tried and punished”. That she highlighted in an earlier op-ed in the New York Times.

During the tv interview commented them back in the afternoon for them to be outside waiting at the consulate while Khashoggi inside was killed. “I know that he already had questions, that there is possible something could happen in the consulate,” she says. “But he thought that Turkey is a safe country. If he would be detained or questioned, would be resolved soon, he thought.”

If they knew that the the company will strive a conspiracy hatched, she had him, of course, stopped, tells Cengiz, who calls to righteousness. “Everyone involved, from the lowest to the highest levels, must be tried.”

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