Evi Hanssen: “I am madly in love with”

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Half a year ago, told Evi Hanssen is still forthright about how much effort they had to do to “be happy”, but today it radiates the joy of her. One reason: Evi Hanssen is madly in love with. Evi Hanssen is not for nothing ambassador of the Red Noses Day. Also, she had the last few years very difficult. She divorced the father of two sons, Mac and Scout, was a single mother, her own mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and her brother suffered from a psychosis. You would be less in the well. But this difficult time has the presenter left behind. Soon she gets the courage to take tram 4 and that is all thanks to Cupid her again, madly in love with did. Evi has finally found the man of her life: “It’s 100% good,” she tells The Latest News.

“Love heals everything,” says Evi Hanssen. Even her doctor admits that with a memorable quote. “Love, huh. That solves everything. Unfortunately, I can not prescribe them,” said Evi’s doctor with a touch. But Evi Hanssen ended up with after her divorce already in relationships and felt it’s not the same. On the contrary, when the distress them, sometimes even under. “I used to love my dear always for as long as possible hidden. It could happen that I have a half a year or even a year had a relationship before the media knew it and then I get irritable because they found out had come.” But now it is different. “With Kurt (Loyens, ed.) I had metéén something like this: “This is ‘m! Books closed, it is in order, done with the search!'” Evi speaks in superlatives when she speaks of her love speaks…

“I am the fullness of the fry fall in love and everyone in the know,” said Evi in The Latest News. A real “coup de foudre”, as it is called. But still, she wants something to straighten about her new friend. Evi emphasises that he is not a director is, as it was written. “He designs so sets of movies and televisiereeksen. Together with the director, he determines the ‘look and feel’ of a film. That he has done for ‘Loft’ and now he is in the Netherlands to do it for the movie Baantjer.”

Also the meeting between Evi and Kurt can only attribute it to “fate”. Such a special way with each other come in contact… It seemed like it’s in the stars it was written that Evi and Kurt together móesten meet. Evi was at a garden party in the summer when she was talking to was a woman she did not know and she was talking about relationships. It was that woman who Evi recommended to agree to speak with her best friend, a certain Kurt. And the strange thing was that Evi just the board of the woman succeeded.

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