Emile Ratelband reveals why he 20 years younger in your passport want to be

So says the positiviteitsgoeroe that studies show that the biological age of 45 years, and he sees mostly the benefits of the change of his age. “You can name change. You can change gender. Why don’t you age? Nowhere you become so discriminated against as you age,” says Emile.

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To say that he is a “young god” and would one of the benefits that he otherwise comes to life. ,,I’m going way of life. I am 69 years of age, then I pointed to my limitations. I am 49, I will buy you a new house, I drive a different car. I take more hay on my fork. When I am on Tinder that I 69 am, then I get no response. I am 49, with a head of me, then I rammed. Maybe they say, you have weak muscles for 49 years. And then I say: but that one not, though. You!’, he tells the AD.

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In addition, he talks openly about his desire to once again be a father to be, something many critics got after he through Twitter, a call is made to a surrogate mother. “I was with a girlfriend and loved her newborn son. They said: what is it you are good, you would be daddy again. I said: I want that crap that women are not more. Ask a surrogate mother, ” she said. I thought that was a very good idea.”

He continues: “I have twenty visited at home, where their partner was. I asked the men: what will your parents say if your wife is pregnant by another and if that’s in the news? Because I go with her to the pufcursus, the hospital, the midwife. Two remained there on.”

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