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Dutch Betsema surprised at women in Neerpelt

50d282a199ac24071321a7ab7ebe7ffd - Dutch Betsema surprised at women in Neerpelt

The Dutch Denise Betsema (25) has the Soudal Classics in Neerpelt on her name. She took out the Saturday before her compatriot Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado and Laura Verdonschot.

The competition in Neerpelt was but a meager number of participants present. There were only 23 riders at the start. Sanne Cant, Ellen Van Loy, Marianne Vos, Eva Lechner, and Annemarie Sausage were missing. And in the last instance, also gave the American winner Katie Compto, absentia due to illness. Also the British Nikki Brammeier challenged. So were the eyes focused on thuisrijdster Laura Verdonschot, Maud Kaptheijns, Loes Sels, Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado and Alica Arzuffi.

Maud Kaptheijns, still searching for its first victory of the season, popped up as first in the field. Arzuffi shot out of her klikpedaal and had to start chasing. Alvarado followed quickly, something further reason Laura Verdonschot, Denise Betsema and Loes Sels.

Kaptheijns would be a little away in that first round, Betsema followed not far away and made the connection just before the sandpit. In the sand, she went even beyond Kaptheijns. At the first passage at the finish line, the duo five seconds ahead of a chasing trio: Verdonschot, Alvarado and Sels.

It was Verdonschot that most of the work had to redecorate, but really closer they came not to the leaders. Front certain Kaptheijns initially the pace, but just as in the first round made Betsema the difference on the strip of sand. Kaptheijns had a small hole show, by the problems that would be sore further bleeding.

After the second round followed the podium trio on 11 seconds of Betsema, that would not weaken her further lead the sector. Kaptheijns got in the meantime the company of Verdonschot and co. and we had an exciting battle for the minor placings.

It was Alvarado who eventually took out for Verdonschot for second place. Loes Sels was fourth, Maud Kaptheijns had to settle with a fifth place.

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