Dolberg is going for three in a row against Feyenoord

c55d1b73ddfc4a6c2e6de29955a6ce60 - Dolberg is going for three in a row against Feyenoord

Kasper Dolberg during the Classic of 2016 in The Cockpit.

“I do my best to keep my reputation”, looks at the Ajax striker, who this week his contract extended until mid-2022 to the Classic of tomorrow.

“It is the first time at home against Feyenoord. I’ve only used it in The Cockpit with everyone against me played. Now the fans behind me and that makes it easier.”

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How do you explain the good stats against Feyenoord?

“I don’t really have an explanation for. It is a great contest and I want to do well. But the mindset is no different than for other duels, because I will require always the maximum of myself.”

Meant the beautiful stiftje in The Bowl, in 2016, the final breakthrough of Kasper Dolberg?

“That would be able to. It was a nice one and a major hit, that I will remember forever.”

In your the first Classic scored once, the second twice, and this is your third …

“Three times to score, would be wonderful.”

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