Blue shoulders Of Bommel

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Mark van Bommel: “As a footballer, I was really only popular in Eindhoven.”

Now Van Bommel in the Premier league suddenly blue shoulders of all the compliments that he gets on the game of his team in the league. Not in the last place by the way the coach (41) located with pleasant sentences presents to the outside world.

And, of course, play the results, the first nine matches are all won, also a significant role. Van Bommel should have been the first crisis situation as a responsible person yet to experience. Tonight is going to PSV on a visit to hekkensluiter FC Groningen, in the last few years an angstgegner for the Locals.

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“The way I am now with the media trying to grapple, does not differ with how I did in the past. Only then, the focus is more on the footballer. I am now a trainer, of the great whole. I can now no a shovel, in a manner of speaking,” said the former player of PSV, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich and AC Milan. The ’we against the rest ‘ feeling’ he knows like no other.

“As a footballer, I was really only popular in Eindhoven, or where I played. I tried always to identify with the national team where I played. And in all those clubs I was appreciated, very much even. By the people within the organization, but also by the fans. That hear also a bit on the football player Van Bommel. Because maybe I was on-was Dutch, and all it did to win.”

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