Belgian documentary MANU at IDFA festival in Amsterdam

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Thursday it became known that the Belgian documentary ‘Manu – The Man With The Camera Hand’ was selected for the IDFA film Festival in Amsterdam, which is considered to be the largest and most important documentary film festival in the world. ‘Manu’ is a portrait of Emmanuelle Bonmariage about her father Manu Bonmariage, himself one of Belgium’s largest and most influential documentary filmmakers, who have been affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The film has been selected in the ‘First Appearance’section, which is the best debuutdocumentaires worldwide singles.

Producer Hanne Phlypo of Clin d’oeil films respond to the selection: “We are particularly honored to ‘Manu’ to be able to present in the First Appearance Competition at IDFA. A section for firsttime filmmakers who, as the new director Orwa Nyrabia embodiment, a section is where new talents out of the box, original and non-conformist films. That is the definition of the way in which we have to each project within Clin d’oeil films look, even with more established directors.”


Manu Bonmariage, a Belgian filmmaker known as the spiritual father of the docu-program Strip-Tease, and today it is 76 years old and affected by Alzheimer’s disease. While his memory is playing tricks on him, turns his daughter Emmanuelle back in time and creates a warm, humorous, and extremely honest portrait of the man who is close to connect with the characters he so happy in the picture brought.

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