A lawyer is not yet out

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Dick Advocaat

Especially the giro still had him struggling. Against AZ had a Lawyer winger Oussama Tannane at the spitspositie.

,,Although he himself said that he was not so eager to play, he did it properly. His assumptions were right, he wanted the ball and showed a lot of enthusiasm,” said Lawyer, who is there, nevertheless, not on off or is this now the solution is. The old coach remains puzzling.

,,Because I have certain things must look at that position and that I have not seen. The closest it came to Bahebeck in the first half in Belgium (against Royal Antwerp FC, ed.), in terms of aanspeelpunt, that response can be, so others can join. That is what a striker should do, in addition to the threat that he himself has.”

Seen In that light, the injured, loss of Bahebeck, who already worked with physical problems came in, a huge line through the account. ,,It is still a little bit of improvising. You can’t figure out what is best. You know that only if you have at your disposal. But Bahebeck has from the beginning been injured. Continuously, you must make it optrainen and then he opgetraind and then he falls away again. This boy will be very good in itself must adapt to be fit to touch.”

A lawyer threw at his coming the system to 4-3-3, but by the quest for a good interpretation of the spitspositie, he plays with the thought to return to the 4-4-2 system, that FC Utrecht over the past years played. ,,The system is not sacred. The most important is what is best for the player base fits. If the spitspositie not completely resolved, you may need to do something else.”

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