Van Bommel not allowed to say anything about Bergwijn

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Mark van Bommel

“On the possible influence of Bergwijn may I, according to the law to say anything”, said the coach of the Locals Friday on the press conference. “We view it day-to-day and work out later.” The fresh Orange-international missed Wednesday’s Champions League encounter with Tottenham Hotspur by a foot injury.

On guard

Van Bommel is on his guard, for hekkensluiter FC Groningen. “It is a similar match against NAC in Breda. They are playing at home and PSV use to get out of the blowhole. When NAC was the audience during the competition and afterwards, also on the banks,” says Van Bommel, who, with his team all nine matches it has won.

Great result

Remarkably, the last four matches against FC Groningen no victory for the reigning champion (0-0, 3-3, 1-1, 0-0). “Every club has opponents that they’re not as good. I’ve always, however, reasonably good results are obtained. On a glorious 0-0 draw in 2003 after then”, said Van Bommel. Thus, he referred, with a nod to the duel of fifteen years ago, in which PSV became champion and FC Groningen for a longer stay in the Eredivisie veiligstelde.

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