Trump tweet from iPhone that he almost never iPhones used

15d86907c7379ac76acab4d058cdf4b3 - Trump tweet from iPhone that he almost never iPhones used

Donald Trump responded Thursday evil on an article in The New York Times that claims that the American president regularly unsecured iPhones used to communicate, in place of a secure hard line. Only was that irate comment from an iPhone sent.

“A new case of fake news in The New York Times. The Russians and the Chinese would, so to speak, all calls that I perform using my mobile phones listen in’, so tweette Trump. ‘Only, I use only rarely mobile phones, and when I do, I have the approval of the government. I love hard lines. Fake news!’

Through the application Tweetdeck, an extension for the socialenetwerksite Twitter, were internet users, however, see president Trump or one of his staff at the White House – just that tweet had been sent through, yes, an iPhone.

Yet according to the NYT would Trump even two iPhones: a to tweeting and surfing the web, another to call.

Trumps predecessor, Barack Obama was assuming office in 2009 are just as devoted to his personal smartphone as a Trump now. For safety reasons, should Obama phone was still a BlackBerry – only use it after a string of security updates, which he only could make calls and send e-mails to a limited group of people from his entourage.

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