Tourist, again, welcome to polished Boracay

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BORACAY – The popular Philippine resort island of Boracay is Friday reopened for tourism, after a thorough cleaning that half a year has lasted. In april had the island be closed to holidaymakers on behalf of president Rodrigo Duterte, Boracay, described as “a cesspool.”

The first tourists arrive on the with a cleaned north bridge paradise

Boracay, only 10 square kilometres in size, is known for its white beaches, turquoise sea water, a variety of water sports and a lively nightlife. It attracted each year two million visitors that 1 billion dollars in the drawer brought. The downside was that the garbage was piling up, the buildings without a permit ever uitdijde, the traffic got stuck, and many resorts have their drains directly into the sea had come true.

During the closure are illegal sewer pipes removed, the paths widened, and hundreds of illegal hotels have closed or been demolished. On the beach, to parties, smoking and drinking are now prohibited, and from now, there may be a day not more than 19,000 tourists at the same time in Boracay.

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