Toni Coppers win the Long ZullenWeLezen trophy for best thriller!

2791ef99112f7a121a64ad37b9f1429e - Toni Coppers win the Long ZullenWeLezen trophy for best thriller!

Toni Coppers has been writing for ten years on the Liese Meerhout-series. That was in the presentation of The Boy in the grave in april, celebrated in the whole of Flanders. Annually, he publishes two books in the series. His fifteenth crime novel, “ The Healer,” comes out in november.

The first book in the series, Nothing is ever the was promptly nominated for the Hercule Poirot prize. He dragged since then, with his thrillers, but less than ten nominations in the wait for the Hercule Poirotprijs, The Golden Noose and the Diamonds Ball. With Dead water, he won the Poirot Award, and with The boy in the grave now, so the very first LangZullenWeLezen Trophy. He also won two times the Poirot Award.

In The boy in the grave results in a surprising plot. A dying serial killer keeps for more than twenty years a secret. He adds the man who has him behind bars on his death bed…Speaks to the murderer at the last moment or he will take his secret into his grave?

The link with Dutroux seems obvious, but Coppers get you will never be short through the curve predictability. However, in real life, is the description of the impotent rage of inspector Masson for the pedophile, and the humanity that describes how parents of victims and the police to fight with their emotions…

Coppers combines invariably a clever and exciting plot, with a strong karaktertekening of its commissioner Liese Meerhout. He understands her doubts, passions, and desires. Her sidekick Michel Masson, the melancholy intellectual, played in the winning novel into the role. Coppers doorwroet the emotions in a case like this arises without but once you fall into the trap of sensationalism to the stairs. That he LZWL trophy, proves that also thrillerlezers are looking for depth.

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