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Technical director: “Waasland-Beveren has never been a match forged”

5c87df3cff2c7274baeda55a97b06ae2 - Technical director: “Waasland-Beveren has never been a match forged”

The press conference of Waasland-Beveren on Friday was not so much about the match against royal Antwerp this weekend, but the voetbalschandaal ‘Operation Clean Hands’. It was therefore coach Yannick Ferrera the company of technical director Danny De Maesschalck. “The allegations made in the media are not correct”, says the TD of the Waaslanders. “Waasland-Beveren has never match counterfeit.”

“I am a bit frustrated after what happened the past few days all happened. Waasland-Beveren is authenticated and in a corner, pushed where it certainly does not belong. The insinuations expressed in the media are not correct. Our team has never matchfixing done. I hear that Sven Vermant, our former coach, no players of Veljkovic had drawn up in the match with KV Mechelen. How could it be? We had no players of this agent within our core”, began The Maesschalck.

Chairman Dirk george chapman was interrogated and according to some messages failed to have a possible matchfixing report to the royal belgian football association. “I raise my two hands and even feet in the fire for our president”, continued The Maesschalck. “Our president has no match arranged and will never do so. Three years ago he took up his duties here. It was then break or right. That whole affair has disastrous consequences for our club. This doesn’t look good for our sponsors. Explain to me, incidentally, even from Dirk george chapman something to report if there is maybe nothing to report? In that period, the lemon at Waasland-Beveren already completely crushed. It was on. Also the connection between trainer Sven Vermant and the players was completely gone. We have nothing done wrong. Maybe the truth is not interesting enough for the media? The stories and guesses that now go around probably.”

Chairman Dirk george chapman is on non-active. A measure that was imposed.

“This is a tragedy for that man. He built this club on, and I repeat that I am still behind my chair stand. We should have forced for a while to go on without him. It is, therefore, what to improvise for now. Waasland-Beveren has never been with one or other regular real estate agent worked. No, we were looking for as a club a certain player and then went only contacts. Look, if we put everything in question will propose in the football then we can better stop. In a contest there are ten stages in which you can ask questions. But matchfixing? No, there have Dirk george chapman and the club Waasland-Beveren will certainly not be participated in”, underlined Danny De Maesschalck.jtp

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