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“Stoffel Vandoorne had two seasons to prove himself and that he would not be successful”

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Thierry Boutsen, former F1-driver teams as Benetton and Williams makes a tough but fair analysis of the passage of Stoffel Vandoorne in F1. At the same time he closes on a return is not completely out.

Thierry Boutsen, the last Belgian who has really managed to shine in Formula 1. He rode eleven successive season in the king’s class of motorsport and knew three GP’s to his name, to write.

In 2017, expectations were high when, with Stoffel Vandoorne again a countryman offered in F1 which already has an impressive track had taken in the opstapklassen. Almost two seasons further we can not do otherwise than say that the passage of the Kortrijkzaan, because of various factors, disappointing was.

That is also Thierry Boutsen in an interview with the RTBF but he doesn’t want to have said that all hope is lost for Vandoorne.

“Actually, it is simple, Stoffel Vandoorne for two years the chance to be in Formula 1 to drive,” said Boutsen. “He has had the chance to show what he can offer. Because of various reasons, he did not succeed, but he had at least to show that he is as fast as Fernando Alonso to take his place in the F1 to keep.”

“The only valid benchmark is his team mate and that was each time about a half a second faster than himself. Although, sometimes during the races, was Stoffel as fast as Alonso, but otherwise, he was always behind.”

“There are several reasons for this: the drive, technical problems or the car that does not meet the expectations. Stoffel has anyway two seasons had the chance to show his talent and he’s failed. It is a pity for him that his F1 career will now stop.”

It is a hard hitting analysis of Boutsen and agree the triple GP winner also sorry but the F1 circus is a hard world and he compares it with a wegwerpzakdoek.

“Of course you agree me sad because this turtle has the talent to be there. The F1 is, however, a hard world, and the riders are like a Kleenex tissue paper: they are used as they are good but if they are less good, they are thrown away.”

Boutsen think that the psychological has played a role for Vandoorne and that he was in the Formula E confidence may fill up. He’s also not completely out of that, maybe he can return to F1.

“That is one of the solutions. There are a lot of old F1 drivers in the Formula E drive, so it is an alternative that is taken seriously must be. Stoffel must show the maximum number of races to win and then he might a chance to go to the F1 to return.”

“There are always circumstances that there is for sure whether it works or not. With the risk that I’m again going to fall, it depends of course on the qualities of the rider but also of his personality and the team he rides and the people around them. Nevertheless it is up to the rider to provide all of that to get the hang of.”

“With regards to myself, I think I was lucky to have because I had the help of Belgium, to let me succeed. Without that, I’m not sure if I have such a great career would have had. It really was a fantastic time,” the decision Boutsen.

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