Small island in Pacific Ocean, swept away by hurricane

e19076982bba4eb575314de1805233b8 - Small island in Pacific Ocean, swept away by hurricane

A small island in the Pacific Ocean, which is part of the U.s. state of Hawaii, in the ocean, disappeared after the passage of hurricane Walaka at the beginning of October. A scientist in Hawaii made the discovery on the basis of satellite imagery. The authorities confirm the information.

The bank of East Island is but a few hundred metres long and belongs to the atoll of French Frigate Shoals’ or the ‘Bank of the French Frigate’, a name that the atoll owes to the French explorer Jean-François de La Pérouse, who in the eighteenth century two ships lost in shallow waters.

The island is now almost completely gone. Only a part of the original four acres would still be above water. “The images seem to be changes to show the island of Tern and East Island seems to be disappeared’, say the federal authorities responsible for the marine sanctuary Papahanaumokuakea in a press release.

The island was uninhabited, but two species made use of to reproduce: soepschildpadden from the Hawaiian islands, and monk seals. A team of the federal services responsible for the protection of marine fauna is on the way to the island.

“I never imagined that we in one night, in October 2018, large islands could lose,” said Randy Kosaki, the onderzoeksverantwoordelijke of the federal agency that the marine park manages. “This is absolutely incredible.’

President Barack Obama quadrupled in August, the area of the reserve in Papahanaumokuakea. It thus became the largest in the world.

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