Sinéad O’connor is a muslim

5ed1cfbc21600b94e8bfeec6ce34a7f7 - Sinéad O'connor is a muslim

The 51-year-old Sinéad says proudly that they can announce that they are muslim. According to her lead all the writings to islam and makes all other religions obsolete. Until recently, Sinéad, who last year her name had change in Magda Davitt, a supporter of the catholic church.

The singer posted on Twitter a video in which they make an effort to have an islamic prayer to sing. “I speak here and there what is wrong because my emotions of me took over,” said Sinéad. “But I still get hundreds of retries.”

Sinéad, who last year with mental health problems suffered, also says that she is her first headscarf. A photo in which she wears, comes not. “That’s too personal, and I’m an ugly old witch. But a very, very, very happy old woman.”

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