Sinead O’Connor converted to islam

4b617165dc42f70977b54c44e185cb86 - Sinead O'Connor converted to islam

Sinead O’connor has converted to islam. The Irish singer announced, so message the British public broadcaster BBC. O’connor, known for songs like “Nothing Compares 2 U” (written by Prince) and “Troy”, go now through life as a Shuhada’.

According to the singer-songwriter is her decision, “the natural resolution of the journey of any intelligent theologian”. “The study of each holy book, leads to islam,” she says on Twitter. The singer also has a video of himself uploaded the ‘custom startup’ sings, or the islamic call to prayer.

It is not the first time that O’connor, who has her name last year legally changed to Magda Davitt, himself publicly, exhaust about religion. In 1992, she created commotion when they live on American television, a picture of the pope-torn. Seven years later, she was in Lourdes, a priest ordained by a schism from the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Church, which does not allow women to become priests, refused the ceremony to recognise.

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