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Of Claus to Weight Watchers: what you can expect at the book Fair

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The organization of the book Fair expects this year to 150,000 visitors – that is about 7000 more than last year. If that is the case would the downward trend be broken.

Organizer Book.be put everything in a opfrissingsoperatie that over the next few years will be spread. “The content is central’, the name of the. But the main ingredient is still the direct contact with writers. The visitors get on the dozens of stands around 91.000 titles presented. Eight hundred authors are signing and/or performance to the public.

The great absent is Pieter Aspe, the fair for the boycott because of the entrance fee of 10 euro. Is also killed: the Flemish Debuutprijs, which is traditional since 1969, was awarded the scholarship. The price has risen in The Bronze Owl. Are of the party: Flemish and Dutch writers, (strikingly) politicians, chefs, therapists and other BV’s. International names are scarce: thrillerauteur R. J. Ellory, travel writer Michael Palin and the queen of romantic fiction Santa Montefiore come along on the 1st of november, the French bestsellerschrijfster Tatiana de Rosnay on 2 november, the Italian author Paolo Giordano, and the British historian Ian Kershaw on november 4, the American writer Lionel Shriver on 10 november and the Canadian linguist and psychologist Steven Pinker, on november 11.

Theme days

Some days are traditionally taken in the character of a theme: the appearance in the spotlight on 30 October, high sensitivity on 1 november, and war and peace on november 11, exactly one hundred years after the armistice that put an end to the Great War.

To good habit to be in Antwerp also awarded prizes: the Prize for the Best Book Design, the Hercule Poirotprijs (for Flemish crime novels) and the belgium, book lion and peacock (children’s books). The VRT puts his recently published LangZullenWeLezen-trophies central during the live broadcasts from the fair.

Creative Writing brings all of what a beginning writer needs on a silver platter in the Schrijfsalon. The Royal Academy for Fine Arts of Antwerp, proposes a portable exhibition together. Twenty poets will combine their poetry on 3 november. In addition, there are numerous workshops, interviews, exhibitions, book presentations, lectures and debates on a variety of topics: from islamization, durability and vodka to Hugo Claus, Jommeke and the Weight Watchers.

The 82nd edition of the book Fair opens on October 28 and runs until 11 november in Antwerp Expo; on 5, 6 and 7 november, the doors will remain closed. The fair will open at 10 a.m. and close at 18 hours. On 2 and 8 november, remains the fair, open until 22 hours.

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