“No Johnny Depp in next Pirates of the Caribbean”

15b0312ca6266c9287b01144adc7c931 - "No Johnny Depp in next Pirates of the Caribbean"

It is still not 100 percent sure if there is a sixth “Pirates of the Caribbean’movie, but it appears to be already excluded that Johnny Depp would return as Jack Sparrow. That left Stuart Beattie, screenwriter of the first film, a hint in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“I think that he really has done. He has that character clearly, it is where he is most known for. I think that mostly he will be remembered as Jack Sparrow. It is the only role that he five times has taken on,” said Beattie. It suggests quite clearly that Depp will not return with a new Pirates movie.

Disney is currently investigating whether there is a sixth “Pirates of the Caribbean’movie will be made. All the previous films together brought in a total of over 4.5 billion dollars.

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