’New football tournaments’ under the microscope

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Gianni Infantino

To this end in Kigali decided during a meeting of the FIFA Council, the highest governing authority within the global football association. To a vote did not. In mid-march, the commission will report and possibly also with concrete proposals.

Infantino wants two very lucrative tournaments to the already crowded voetbalkalender add. His plans for a mini-world cup with eight top performers, as the apotheosis of a global Nations League, and a comprehensive world cup for club teams (from 7 to 24 teams) were earlier this year, particularly in Europe, with a lot of skepticism received by both clubs and by national federations and spelersorganisaties.

Infantino claims that a group of investors prepared is a amount of 25 billion dollars for the next twelve years to pay for the new projects. The working group will now collect further information and, moreover, the parties involved (clubs, associations) for their views.

The FIFA council turned fully against the Spanish plans to competitions outside the national borders. La Liga wants the duel between Girona and Barcelona, on January 26 in Miami, Florida. “Competitions should be in their own country played,” let Infantino know.

The FIFA Council was in agreement with the relocation of the Africa Cup of the winter to the summer months. This is the wish granted of many European top clubs, that in January the internationals mostly reluctantly, for quite some time to surrender.

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