Netflix and co need help paying for Flemish films and series

437c9a4d5cc1edef93bb4c11a2365335 - Netflix and co need help paying for Flemish films and series

Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services have to financially contribute to the production of Flemish films and tv series. That the Flemish government has today decided.

Kabeldistributeurs such as Telenet and Proximus have already each year a little more than 1.3 euros per subscriber to invest in Flemish fiction. They can do so by specific sets of sponsors, or by the money in the fund to collapse. But Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services, increasingly strong competitors for the traditional distributors, they had to do.

Flemish mediaminister Sven Gatz (Open Vld) left this spring, already know that he meets a statutory obligation to work, in line with a new European directive, and that is now around. Providers like Netflix get the choice: either they must directly in Flemish series and movies to invest in, or deposit them an amount to the Flemish Audiovisual Fund. Minister Gatz explains the amount is fixed at 2 percent of the sales of the second year preceding the year of the bijdrageplicht. The obligation applies only to providers who have an annual turnover of € 500,000 or more. Make the streaming services not on time which formula they choose, then they required 3 million euros to be deposited in the VAF. The reform starts from 2019.

Mediaminister Sven Gatz: “With these new regulations, we follow the logic that was previously applied to the distributors. The European directive does us good, which makes it possible to foreign players such as Netflix to let them contribute to our Flemish productions. So we can get the Flemish media ecosystem and strengthen in a global competitive environment with better growth opportunities,” he says.

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