Natalie Portman as the grieving first lady in ‘Jackie’

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An intimate portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy in the days after the murder of her husband, President John F. Kennedy. From 3 november, available with the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.

From 3 november you can with the Movies & Series Pass look to Jackie, a remarkable, penetrating biopic about the legendary American first lady during and just after the murder of her husband, John F. Kennedy.

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Who is a grand epic biopic expected about Jacqueline Kennedy and her life and loves, will perhaps be disappointed. Jackie is an intimate, beautiful and sad film about the first lady during the murder of her husband and the days that follow, with archival footage seamlessly blend into fiction, music that perfectly the atmosphere of the film viewing, and wonderful acting performances.

Natalie Portman shines in her role of the tragic Jackie Kennedy, was traumatized after the murder of her husband when that next to her was in a car. We follow her in the days of national mourning following the murder.

We see a woman who, despite her trauma and grief is strong for the nation, that her children’s comfort, and protects, and who are keenly aware of the fact that in the days after his death, will forever be determined how the world will look back on her husband. But there is also another Jackie, who by alcohol, pills and her assistant Nancy (Greta Gerwig) on the leg is held in the days before the funeral.

Peter Sarsgaard is excellent as Bobby Kennedy, Jackie’s brother-in-law and friend, who assist her and are worried that the Kennedy’s, only the history will be remembered as ‘the beautiful people’. Jackie will do everything to make that not happen. In an interview with an unnamed journalist (very well played by Billy Crudup), we see how they always focused and full control over the article requires it (“in case I don’t say exactly what I mean”). With this Jackie is not gesold.

The now deceased actor John Hurt plays the role of a priest, with whom the first lady personal calls on her spouse, their life and death.

Jackie is the first English-language film of the Chilean director Pablo Larraín, and he was good for three Oscarnominaties, in the categories ‘best actress’ (Nathalie Portman), ‘best costume design’ and ‘best music’.
‘Jackie’ is from november 3, available in the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.
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