Man arrested in connection with suspicious packages USA

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WASHINGTON Update – The American authorities have arrested a man in connection with the possible bompakketjes that the past few days to topdemocraten, former senior Us officials and prominent critics of president Donald Trump are sent. It would go to a 56-year-old man who was previously arrested for terrorism. The president has himself responded. “These acts are despicable.”

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This would be images of the arrest.

The defendant was by the FBI, was arrested near Miami. According to Fox News, the local tv station NY1 and NBC News is a 56-year-old man from New York who is now in Aventura (Florida) lives.

The tv station calls his name, on guard with ” high-ranking sources within the research team’: Cesar Sayoc. The defendant would have already been arrested in connection with terrorist activities. Also Fox News, NBC News and other news media spread the same drawing.

President Trump has already responded: “This is great work from the authorities. These terrorist acts are despicable and do not belong in our country. We have political violence, not let it take root in the U.S.,” said the president, who by opponents is accused of stirring up hatred and incitement against media such as CNN and opponents as Clinton. “I will as president do all this violence to stop,” decided Trump.

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The arrest follows shortly after another two bompakketjes were found; one in Florida, addressed to U.s. Democratic senator Cory Booker, and one in New York intended for James Clapper, the former head of the joint intelligence services.

Shortly after the news was again a packet is found, the Democratic senator Kamala Harris in Sacramento, in the state of California.

Previously, among others, bombrieven sent to former president Barack Obama, ex-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former president Bill Clinton, actor Robert De Niro and billionaire George Soros. Also, two suspicious packages intercepted to the former vice president Joe Biden were addressed.

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The purpose of the packets is not completely clear. Ryan Morris, founder of a company that has military training on explosives, refers to the packets ’Micky Mouse-bombs’: they are intended to be intercepted, and not to blast, with the purpose of inflaming fear.

The defendant was presumably held in his bus. A supposed archive photo of that vehicle is distributed by the news media, pointing to the portraits out of Hillary Clinton. They know a red visor on focused.

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