Macron deplores Belgian choice for JSF: ’Against Europe’

c56c2f96f93e47ca8e997fc9884ee2b3 - Macron deplores Belgian choice for JSF: ’Against Europe’

PARIS – The French president Emmanuel Macron regrets that Belgium has opted for the American F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter or JSF) as a successor for the F-16, and not for the Typhoon of the European consortium Eurofighter. “Strategically it is this decision against the European interests,” said Macron during a visit to Slovakia. “I regret the choice that is made.”

The Belgian government reported Thursday that, after years of procedure, mainly for cost reasons, has chosen the American fighter. Brussels, 34 buy.

In addition to the official alternative of the Typhoon, there was also an unofficial offer for the French currently performed by Rafale from Dassault on the table. That, too, is now of the job.

However, France and Belgium concluded an agreement for the delivery of armoured vehicles. This is 1.5 billion euros, as made the French ministry of Defence known. Macron is a warm advocate for a European defence industry.

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