Little damage by the earthquake at Zakynthos

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ATHENS – The earthquake in the west of Greece has very little damage. According to the local authorities were on one of the small islands, a port and a monastery dating from the fifteenth century damaged but no one injured.

Damage to the port of Zakynthos

The vibration was felt in Italy, Libya, Malta and Albania. The Greek authorities are warning of a tsunami, but withdrew the warning shortly after.

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Heavy earthquake on Greek island of Zakynthos

According to the European seismological centre, EMSC was the earth quake, some 46 kilometers southwest of Zakynthos, and had a strength of 6.6. After the earthquake, the EMSC in the next three hours, at least five strong aftershocks.

The quake took place just a little more than ten kilometers, so the power was enhanced. At the island continue on Friday the schools close, which are first, on security checks.

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