Lion cub found in garage of Marseille

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Marseille – French authorities Friday, a lion cub discovered in a garage in Marseille. A few days earlier, there was a lion cub found in an apartment in Paris.

Not the cub out of the story. Photo for illustration.

The young sat in a reismandje when the Wednesday was discovered. The cub weighs only a few pounds. La Provence writes that the animal is about three weeks old and suffering from hair loss, a swollen abdomen and sores in the eyes. The cub is transferred to specialists.

Previously found cub

The lion cub that earlier this week was found in Paris, was the occasion of the arrest of a 30-year-old man. That cub was in good health found in a bed. The French police suspect that the animal was destined for the sale.


Earlier this month there was at Utrecht, a lion cub found in a reiskooitje. The animal was given the name Remy and currently resides in quarantine at the Lion Foundation.

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